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If you live in the parishes of Darrington and Wentbridge, or Kirk Smeaton, you are warmly invited to have your wedding here. St Luke’s Church Darrington and St Peter’s Kirk Smeaton are both curently open for weddings, with just a few limitations due to COVID-19.

St John’s Church Wentbridge is sadly closed for weddings due to Health and Safety.

If you worship here regularly you may still be able to be married here.  You can also be married here if you have a connection to the parish, for example if you used to live here, if your parents or grandparents live here, if you were baptised or confirmed here, or if you have a grandparent buried in the Churchyard. If it is at least 8 months until your wedding and you wish to get married in Darrington or Smeaton please contact the vicar to discuss your plans.

Otherwise you should contact the vicar where you live. You have the right to be married in Church where you live. To find out which parish that is  follow this link and enter your postcode.

Two become one

Your special day at Darrington Church or Smeaton Church

Your Church wedding

Local fees for weddings are:

£75 for the organist; £75 for the heating; £30 for a verger; and £30 document fee. These are in addition to the national Church of England fees.

Congratulations on your engagement