The Went Valley parishes

Diocese of Leeds

Prayers and readings to help you
during times of crisis and isolation

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March 20th

March 21st

March 23rd

March 24th

Rev Adrian Judd,
 01977 704744

Church is about people not about buildings. As I say my prayers for you and add readings and prayers to this website, please will you consider sending me an A4 photo (or whatever size you can manage) or an electronic file for me to print. I want to put your photos in Church, so when I am praying with the Communion of Saints, though physically mostly by myself,, I can look and see you looking back at me and virtually listening?

Join in praying online from the comfort of your own home by listening to the audio files  on Youtube above.

To receive emails with Youtube links in, please email your contact details to me at the address above. Please phone of Skype for a chat.

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The Churches are closed for public worship for health reasons.

But God is always listening and prayers and readings are available from this website

For a pastoral chat with the vicar Skype revjudd

Please send A4 or smaller photos for putting in Church
to make a congregation

Mothering Sunday

Click the link above for a Mothering Sunday service from Darrington Church, with music courtesy of Gary Sheard.

Passion Sunday 29th March

This week’s music is by Gary and Gill

Remember to put your clocks forward
so you don’t miss the service.

Compline - night prayer

(for any day of the week)