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The Went Valley Parishes
In the Diocese of Leeds

Rev Adrian Judd,
 01977 704744

The Benefice of the Went Valley is the Church of England’s name for a group of local Churches near Pontefract. Each Parish  Church - Darrington, and Smeaton has regular Church services each Sunday. Wentbridge Church has two services a month. The buildings are ancient listed buildings. They give a sense of light space and history. The Churches have been sensitively restored.  Join us to worship God and celebrate life.  We believe that when you come to Church and pray something happens. God begins to change us, and to transform the life of our community making us all winners.

Here we teach you how to think, but not what to think. We hope that you will choose to live your life by Christian values, and to follow Jesus, the choice is yours. How will you respond to God’s call on your life?

Church is about people - people like you and me. Everyone is special and loved by God, and forgiven for their sins. Here in Church we find acceptance and love, friendship and fellowship. Church is about people not about buildings. We are lucky to have such beautiful ancient buildings to worship God in. Worship is central to the  Christian faith, on Sunday or midweek. Baptism is the sign of our membership of God’s Church. Why not join us in Church? You will be made very welcome. The Went Valley Parishes - Darrington, with Wentbridge and Kirk Smeaton with Little Smeaton are part of the Church of England. They are outside Pontefract. Here everyone is welcome. Everyone is included. You don’t have to live here for this to be your parish Church but you will have to come to church to get the benefits of membership.

Darrington                         Smeaton                                Wentbridge
         Notice  Board

Normal Service Pattern:

9.15am Smeaton weekly

10.45am Darrington weekly

Family service at each on the 2nd Sunday of the month

(With Christenings)


1st Sunday  of the month 4pm

2nd Sunday 8.30am